About us

Central Primary School is a split site primary school situated in the heart of the Ashington Community. Our Lower site caters for children from age 2 (Little Learners) to the end of KS1. Our Upper site caters for our KS2 children. Overall we have the capacity to accommodate 1036 children making it the biggest primary school in Northumberland.

Our Core Principles

We believe that all children have the right to a happy and safe childhood both at home and at school; we will take measures to intervene when any of our pupils are in danger of not getting this entitlement.
We believe in educating the whole child; academic success is valued equally as much as success in other areas of learning including creativity and sport.
We believe all children have the right to a good standard of education, but we will constantly strive to deliver outstanding teaching and learning. We believe that all children, regardless of race religion or socio economic background, have the potential to be successful and the right to fulfil this potential.
We uphold the Olympic values of determination, inspiration, courage, friendship, excellence, respect and equality as guiding principles for our actions and behaviours.
We maintain the highest of standards and expectations for our pupils and will not waver or compromise on these expectations.
We see it as our duty to broaden our pupils’ horizons and to help them to develop their own aspirations to be successful people.
We believe our school should be a family friendly part of the community where parents and children can access help and support.

School Aims

At Central Primary School we aim:

  • to provide a stimulating, secure and happy learning environment with equal opportunities for all;
  • to develop everyone’s intellectual, creative and physical skills to their full potential;
  • to encourage everyone’s social and emotional growth by fostering positive relationships;
  • to develop the independence of pupils within a wider multi ethnic society;
  • to develop pupils’ self esteem;
  • to create a welcoming community that offers positive support to all those who are involved with the school;